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Lemon Grove Slip and Fall Lawyer

A normal day in Lemon Grove can turn into a disaster if you suffer a slip and fall at a business or private residence. A slip and fall accident could lead to serious injuries that take you out of work or require treatments such as a cast, brace or pain medications. At the Law Offices of Howard Kitay, we help victims of slip and fall accidents in San Diego County. Our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of injured accident victims. Contact us now if you think you have a premises liability case.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We can improve claims through in-depth research, investigations and legal services.
  • We do what it takes to obtain top results, including taking slip and fall claims to court.
  • We care about each client, always working our hardest to meet their unique goals.
  • We understand California’s slip and fall accident laws, as one of our main focus areas.
  • We accept Lemon Grove slip and fall accident claims on a contingency fee basis.

What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

It is almost always possible for a property owner to prevent slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall prevention takes regular floor inspections, adequate repairs, prompt responses to spills and other reasonable measures. Accidents and injuries happen most often when business and property owners negligently fail to fulfill their duties of care to visitors. These duties include watching out for common causes of falls.

  • Dangerous floors
  • Not enough light
  • Spilled liquids
  • Poor property maintenance
  • Faulty staircases
  • Negligent store employees
  • Lack of warning signs

A lawyer from the Law Offices of Howard Kitay can investigate your recent slip and fall accident to identify its source. We can take official photographs of the area where you fell, talk to eyewitnesses, gather accident reports and take other steps to help build a claim against the at-fault party in Lemon Grove. Your case can start with a phone call to our local law office.

Do You Have a Claim?

During your initial consultation with one of our lawyers, we will review the facts of your case for signs of property owner negligence. California’s premises liability laws hold owners responsible for accidents they reasonably could have prevented. If another property owner in the same situation would have been able to prevent your slip and fall, the defendant may owe you compensation for your losses. Our attorneys can help with the burden of proof placed on you during these claims.

  • The defendant owned the property where your accident occurred.
  • You had a lawful right to be on the property.
  • A property defect or hazard caused your slip and fall accident.
  • A reasonable and prudent property owner would have prevented the hazard.
  • You suffered specific damages in the slip and fall.

If your attorney can prove these main elements, you could receive compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages. These may include hospital bills, personal pain and suffering, lost income, legal expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and disability costs. Working with one of our attorneys can improve your odds of winning your case and obtaining fair compensation for all related losses.

Comparative Negligence Laws

Comparative negligence is a common defense used in slip and fall claims. California’s comparative negligence law states that a plaintiff may still recover partial compensation for being partially at fault for an accident. Even if the defendant proves you were somewhat responsible for your own fall, you could still receive a portion of a settlement or jury award. If you were 20% at fault, for example, you could recover the other 80% of compensation.

Contact a Lemon Grove Slip and Fall Lawyer Today

Get answers to your most important questions, such as whether you have a claim and what it could be worth, during a free consultation at the Law Offices of Howard Kitay. Our San Diego slip and fall lawyers can help you pursue fair compensation for a property owner’s negligence. Call (619) 442-0542 today for a case review.

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